Owner and operator of Badlands Remodeling, Don Reed, has more than 42 years of experience remodeling homes. He started his work in California where he's lived for most of his career. It is his passion to help homeowners plan, design and build home improvement projects.

Don Reed is extremely hands on. He loves working with customers and educating them on the remodeling process wherever they want to learn more. Call (408) 621-1808 today to set up a design consultation with Don Reed.

4 things to know about Don Reed

Don Reed is quickly going to become your favorite general contractor to work with. Here are four fun facts to know about Don Reed:


He loves every project he gets to work on


Remodeling is the only career he’s ever had


He started in deck and window installation work


Team building is an important factor to his crew

Call Badlands Remodeling at (408) 621-1808 today to speak with Don Reed directly about your next home improvement project.